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Celine box bag – past vs present

Perhaps one of Celine’s most popular silhouettes to date – the iconic box bag. Seen under the arms, of bloggers, celebrities, and fashionista’s, the Celine box bag, new or old, is a serious style statement today.

Vintage Celine box bags black and white model shot

But what makes Celine’s box bag so alluring?  Phoebe Philo is the marvellous mastermind behind the new wave of excitement over the Celine box bag. Appointed in 2008 as new creative director, Philo has successfully reworked many of Celine’s classical designs, one of the most popular being the box bag. Stripping it of its famous horse and carriage logo, the newly designed box bag, features a plain, and simple gold locket available in two sizes, small, and medium.

Stylish Elements

Sleek and stylish, the vintage Celine box bag, holds all the fine elements of the reworked version, but with a hint of history. The flap closure, is made up of the vintage Celine logo, a beautiful horse and carriage logo, in a gold metal clasp lock, with Celine underneath. The strap is adjustable, and the durable leather, holds the iconic shape of this classic design.

Vintage Celine box bag detail of opening clasp hardware

A surge of love

A surge of women, are paying a vast amount of money to get their hands on the extremely rare vintage Celine box bag. It’s hard to find in an A grade condition, the vintage Celine box bag has done its rounds on the blogging scene. The new box bags however, are nearly as rare to find as their vintage sister, because of the hot popularity. Trend setting fashionista’s, are buying up the newly designed classic box bag, in exotic skins, such as python, stingray and crocodile, & stores are continuously sold out of most colour ways.

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New range of Celine box bags

It’s not just the look of this bag, that has women lusting after it, but its practicality and functionality. The perfect day bag, this Celine style provides enough room to hold all your daily essentials, whilst looking uber chic on your shoulder. A perfect day to night bag the strap can be hidden inside, or, on the newly designed styles, taken off, to be transformed into a chic roomy clutch.

Celine vintage and contemporary box bags side by side

Simple lines, and a sleek design, is what makes the Celine box bag so special. Its ability to sit with many different trends and style of clothes makes this bag a worthwhile investment. Showing up with the vintage Celine box  bag, is a cert head turner, and will have women wondering where an earth you found such a treasure!

Which is your favourite box bag? The past or present design? We know what ours is…..

Vintage Celine box bag model shot

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