The word investment in fashion alludes to wearability rather than value gain. Think Acne Pistol boots, Kenzo sweaters and almost anything off the rail at Jil Sander.


The Chanel 2.55 defies this old fashion adage, with a unique style investment that can actually earn a return on your rail. Named after its birthday (February 1955) the iconic Chanel flap bag remains fashion’s most coveted carryall. Not only for its enviable timeless style, but for being one of the few items in fashion that retains and gains value, appreciating on average by between 8-12% a year.

Today, if you can conquer the lengthy waiting list, you can buy a 2.55 for a $4,400, that’s four times more expensive than the bags original sale price reports Bloomberg TV. Check out the video Great Investment: Chanel Classic Medium Flap Bag clip from Bloomberg TV.

Defined by its chain link straps, quilted leather and interlocking C’s, Chanel adapted her 1929 clutch for one that allowed its owner to go hands free. A style that has transcended time and trends and today will never go on sale, in fact will often never hit the shop floor, flying from the French fashion house via lengthy waiting lists alone.

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