Fans of Youtube lifestyle vloggers may already know about LA based blogger Chriselle Lim. For those who don’t The Chriselle factor blog serves a heady mix of personal style, beauty, lifestyle and fun.

Chriselle’s eclectic and prolific output is highly polished and professional but at the same time refreshingly genuine and absorbing. Forget the ghost written output that taints so many celebrity fashion blogs. Concerns with style replace one dimensional brand obsession. Her anecdotal blog is full of advice, top 5s and best of articles all served in a mix of high street and designer beauty and fashion. For many her personal style is aspirational but importantly accessible.

Chriselle is now the fastest growing Asian digital influencer attracting over 400k followers on Youtube and 450k followers on Instagram. Snapchat also offers real off the cuff daily diary insights. Fun and spirited we are obsessed. This is one journey to watch, a ‘go to’ not only for style advice but for home decor and beauty. And new tangents explode with the arrival of beautiful daughter Chloe.

We chat to Chriselle about about fashion, motherhood and of course the love of vintage.



You started your style blog the back in 2011. US bloggers have a huge influence on worldwide fashion and beauty – why do you think that is?

I started blogging out of pure passion with no intention to make it into a business. It happened organically, and I think because of that reason people gravitated towards it and could tell that I was doing it because I loved it. I think the US bloggers have a huge influence on the fashion & beauty space because of the lifestyle we live here especially in L.A. It’s laid back, fun, & free spirited!

Is wearing vintage a big part of your daily look?

I always try to add one vintage piece to my daily look. My mom passed down a number of vintage jewellery pieces , so I always wear at least one vintage jewellery piece everyday. I love the history behind them, and the story that comes with it. It’s also fun to have something entirely unique that no one else has!



You’ve recently got two great vintage pieces from us – what made you go for them?

I’m so excited abut my vintage Chanel and LV bags (view them here)! They are classic pieces that will never go out of style, and will add a nice statement to all my modern outfits. I especially love the Chanel purse because you can no longer find that structured boxy silhouette. It’s something incredibly sophisticated and classic, and for some reason looks better and better with age.

Chriselle lim vintage heirloom instagramChriselle lim vintage heirloom instagram


We love unique vintage pieces and the idea of passing vintage on. What key pieces would you pass on to your daughter Chole?

Hopefully Chloe will have an interest in fashion and collecting vintage because I would love to pass as many things on to her. My grandmother passed down pieces to my mom, who passed down pieces to me, and I would love to continue the tradition with Chloe. I would love to eventually pass down this vintage Chanel purse as it is something very special, but I also have a vintage Hermès & Ferragamo purse that got passed down to me that I would love to pass down to her.

If you weren’t being Chriselle Lim, you would be?

Bianca Jagger or Audrey Hepburn, but I’ll settle for Beyonce too 😉

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