Lost & found: Vintage Chanel boater hat and classic bag charm necklace

Vintage Chanel boater hat and classic bag charm necklace
Have you ever wondered where we find our fabulous vintage pieces? What stories do the pieces hold? Why are they selling them, and what fabulous style stories can they pass on? Well, this week we feature this lovely vintage Chanel boater hat and classic bag charm necklace.
Charlotte, London

VH) How did you come about having this vintage piece in your collection?
My first year of University I went travelling and I got this necklace on one of my European trips. I popped into a vintage shop and fell in love with this necklace. It took all my spending money and a bit of haggling, but I was so happy I'd bought it!

VH) When you wore it how did you style it?
I usually wore it doubled over -- I would unclasp it, wrap the chain around my neck twice, and clasp it again, so that the charms fell mid-collar (and it looked like I was wearing more than one necklace). I wore it at its full length once, but I preferred the shorter style (it's very adaptable!). I tended to wear it with solid colours, as it's such a statement piece.

VH) What did you like about this piece?
Other than it's adaptability, it's so classically Chanel -- the signature purse charm is so reminiscent of the signature bad shape, and the hat reminds me of Coco herself.

VH) Why are you are selling it?
I really liked this piece, but my style has changed since I was 20 -- I don't have as many places I'd like to wear it, so I'm passing it on to someone who will get as much joy out of it as I did!

VH) what do you hope the new owner gets out of this piece?
I hope the new owner likes the necklace as much as I did!

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