Two of the most beautiful vintage treasures have landed at the VH headquarters this week, the mini and jumbo Chanel 2.55 bags.


Composed from the finest lambskin quilted leather, shiny gold hardware, and weighted gold chains, these two bags are wardrobe staples in their own right.

This posed the a fashion dilemma, petite or grande? Would we crave the chic vintage Chanel mini 2.55 flap bag or the jaw dropping elegant Jumbo Chanel 2.55 bag? Formed from the immaculate craftsmanship of a medium sized 2.55, plus the structural goodness of everyone’s favourite 2.55 classic, these two bags are extremely similar in terms of design, yet worlds apart when compared with who and how to wear them.



The 2.55 bag is such an iconic classic yet still fashionable bag over 50 years after its debut in 1955. Designed by Gabrielle Coco Chanel to free up ladies hands, the 2.55 bag with gold chain strap revolutionised ladies handbags. It was only a matter of time before Chanel introduced smaller and larger versions of the classic 2.55 due to its popularity for everyday and evening use.

The vintage Jumbo Chanel 2.55 bag is easily recognisable with its overly large CC logo, and boxy shape when compared to the renamed maxi bag re-launched by Chanel, due to demand, a few years ago. The re-issue of the jumbo XL features a curved front flap which covers over half the front of the bag, compared with the shorter straighter and more structured front flap of the vintage Jumbo 2.55.


Recently there has been a surge of A-list celebrities wearing the vintage Jumbo XL style hanging off there arms, featured in weekly gossip magazine paparazzi shots. This buzz has created higher demand for this specific vintage Chanel. Adored due to its exclusivity, the sought after vintage style is extremely hard to find in pristine condition, and was only manufactured during the 90’s.

Perfect for carrying more than your average daily accessories, the vintage jumbo bag suits girls on the go, who like to carry those little extras, just in case of a random encounter! Perfect for stylish office ladies, this bag can easily fit a full a4 notebook, iPad, pens, extra work phone plus your bulky purse and makeup bag, perfect for days filled with meetings and appointments.

Roomy yet classy, this bag will become your saviour of ‘Oh wait! I packed one earlier, moments!’. Suited for daily use, this bag is fashionable yet functional, and sits comfortably under your arm.



Is the baby of the 2.55 family. Perfect for carrying evening essentials, the baby of the clan can easily fit a phone, lipstick, cards & cash, ID keys and a compact.


Worn cross body, or over the shoulder, the mini, is a must have accessory to compliment your outfit. The vintage mini is squarer in shape compared to the new mini versions, worn by many celebrities today. With the re-issued Mini 2.55, today there are many different colours and leathers available. Below Gweneth Paltrow sports her navy blue patent Mini. Extremely versatile this bag is perfect for day time use through to red carpet and date nights!



Unfortunately it is near impossible to walk into a Chanel store across the globe and be lucky enough to pick up a classic medium 2.55 bag. Given this there is greater allure for Chanel as a brand. With stock so limited this only intensifies consumers cravings and most are willing to endure long waits for their dream bag.

The mini & jumbo styles fall into this ‘cant find’ category. Classic black lambskin or even more highly sought after caviar skin, are near impossible finds. With deliveries few and far between, and when they do arrive Chanel purposely keep these to a very limited quantities. From visiting Chanel stores across Europe one thing is evident – it is far easier to pick up these styles in the new, sometimes garish designs, formed of different materials, and bright clashy colourways.

Like Russian dolls, each small enough to fit inside one another, some feel as though they must own the whole collection, or own a complete family as some fortunately can. Timelessly classic designs, yet super stylish, you have got to be extremely lucky to get your hands on these rare bags.

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