Georgian Boboc is a Parisian fashion stylist and blogger. Her style is unique and refreshingly unorthodox. Think the opposite of typical Parisian utilitarian and pared down and you’re close. She curates the amazing blog Vintage Traffic.

Her style is a celebration of colours and textures with a mix of both designer, avant-garde and vintage. Her unusual style led to her starting the fashion blog Vintage Traffic 7 years ago. She documents her daily outfits often photographed in the most grandeur settings. What we love about Georgiana she really champions up and coming designers, often posting outfits from young graduates. Her mixture of fantasy and fun has led to a strong fashionista following particularly on Instagram, clocking up over 115K followers. We chat to Georgiana about vintage, style and her top list to watch out for up and coming designers.

You started your blog 7 years ago – what advice would you give to up and coming fashion bloggers?

I don’t know if I am in the position to give any advices to anyone, I would just say one thing: “stay true to yourself”!



What is blogging like now compared to fashion blogs from when you started?

Blogging means managing your own brand and business nowadays, a full time job and an incredibly challenging and demanding activity.

There are a lot of fashion blogs out there, too many to count! But, only few with a real meaning and identity. I think the blogosphere is changing too fast and developing at a speed that is getting harder and harder to keep track.

When I started blogging there were only few who even heard of the word: “blogging”! Now, running a blog has become so overwhelmingly popular that no one is no longer familiar with it. Having a platform opens so many doors, the powers of internet and technology are limitless.

Your style is widely creative – who inspired your look?

I am inspired by so many things: architecture, art and vintage are my biggest sources of inspiration. People and their different behaviours inspire me. It is pretty easy, quite impossible to get bored or not find out about something exciting every day.

My looks are spontaneous, I hate trends, so I always have to push myself forward and to figure out how to bring something unexpected into my outfits…How to make them look modern and original. Young designers are so inspiring and I am so thrilled each time I am discovering a new talent. Nothing beats that feeling of curiosity, as when you discover something innovative.



You shoot in fabulous locations – what is one of your memorable shoots?

I honestly wouldn’t be able to pick the most memorable shooting, because they all are very special to me.

I am very blessed to live in a country so culturally rich, as France! Paris is absolutely breathtaking, but the surroundings are also captivating. Visiting castles has become a ritual and of course a setting for most of my styling sessions. I am interested in history, so every time Sebastien (partner and photographer) and I get the chance to shoot an outfit, we are trying to also capture the beauty of the place and tell a story through our lenses! I always mention to my readers that the places we are showing on the blog are so extremely important to me, as equally important as the fashion choices.

What is your most treasured piece? Vintage or New?

Accessories are probably the most exciting part of my wardrobe, among my favourites a pair of mesh bow boots from Chanel and an exotic skin embellished vintage purse from Yves Saint Laurent.




Vintage Chanel has been very popular for a long time, it is big in USA and Asia – why is it hard to find vintage Chanel in France?

Is it as popular compared to the rest of the world? When I moved to Paris 4 years and a half ago, Chanel was easier to find in vintage shops or flea markets. The very competitive online markets were not as developed, at least not in France. It is without a doubt an issue of pricing too, as well as a mentality, people are not as opened to the idea of buying vintage, when they can purchase new, for almost same amount.

You got a couple of vintage pieces from us – what attracted you to these pieces?

For me it is not about the logo, it’s more about the quality and story behind a certain piece. What I love the most about your shop is your extreme attention to details, the impeccable choices and styles proposed, the research and the way you document your clients.

The vintage green mini tote Chanel bag that I have from you is perfect because it is less common, from its vibrant green colour, the less obvious logo and of course the shape.



As for the other piece, the Karl Lagerfeld necklace, I absolutely adore its treasure chest shape, the fact that it opens like one too.

It’s a fun piece and it looks precious! Who can say “no” to a charm piece that special?!



What’s your favourite area to shop in Paris – any boutique suggestions?

I used to buy more when I first moved to Paris. This year my buys diminished because I feel like the quality of vintage changed and although I find some cute gems from time to time, I am pickier now than I was before.

Vintage shopping is challenging and you have to be patient, especially in the small thrift shops.

I regularly do my shopping in Le Marais and for years I go to Free’p’Star. It is very affordable and sometimes they have pretty cool designer pieces too, like Escada.


You champion new designers – who is the one we should look out for?

My answer to this question could go on forever. There are so many emerging designers that I appreciate and support for seasons now. Some of them passed the struggling part and they are now very well-known and sold worldwide, while most of them are not there yet, but they unquestionably do their best in order to get there and achieve their goals.

I am a brand ambassador for an Australian brand, called House of Cannon and I am extremely confident they will be huge someday. They create exquisite prints on silk and each collection is like taking a new trip. Check them out soon and you will understand what I mean.

The Artians, a Greek brand that is constantly growing and keeps surprising me with each collection and the inspirations behind it.

On the accessories side I love Maria Sole Cecchi’s “Les Petits Joueurs” and her incredible lego bags, who got her running an IT girl’s favorite brand.

I am a huge fan of Bet Barcelona, a team of young designers from Spain, who deliver one of a kind bags, with hand painted or embroidered canvases that allow you to have a new bag to carry for many different occasions.

Richard Noura, who is also a friend of mine creates luxurious bags and jewelry, glamorous and very chic. His new collaboration with the Instagram and celebrities favorite artist Donald Robertson is already a hit.

Alexandra Purcaru behind the brand “I don’t have a sister“, another close friend with whom I share the love for vintage, creates stunning jewelry using Murano glass and brilliant techniques, she has it all to become a very wanted designer.

Begart Design, a brand from Turkey who designs joyful arty accessories, not seen before with an exceptional quality of fabrics. Begum, the creative mind behind the brand is one of the kindest hearts I know in this industry.

Gordana Dimitrijevic, an outstanding Parisian shoe designer and business woman to admire.

To end, each name I mentioned and so many names I didn’t get to mention, they are all friends and I am a big supporter of their ideas and hard work. All so different, yet so special with a real signature and original concept. On my blog, I basically feature a new designer or interesting brand each week… It’s a fact, I am addicted to new talents.

If you weren’t Georgiana Boboc who would you be?

I would be a person who loves life, who is very passionate about what she/he is doing, a hard worker and a helpless romantic. Not very far from what I believe I am already today.

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