Buying a fake / replica bag is the stuff of nightmares... We're here to help...

Fear not, we have put together a simple step-by-step guide and a great video overview to help you feel more confident authenticating a Chanel bag. We look specifically at the Chanel 2.55 bag, but this guide will help with all Chanel bags.

There is no one single way to authenticate a Chanel bag or any luxury designer product. Most replica Chanel bags are by comparison poorly made and fairly easy to distinguish. There are however some very well made fake or superfake bags. These copy some aspects accurately, but almost all skimp on some areas. This article will help you feel more confident spotting the obvious and some of the not so obvious signs of fake Chanel bags. This guide works best if you can inspect the bag you own or intend to buy. But first please sit back and watch our overview video below.




This guide can’t possibly go through all the thousands of historic permutations that authenticators check, but it will give you a solid understanding of what to look for when you are considering buying a Chanel bag. Please bear in mind, a bag with an authenticity card or serial number is not a cast iron assurance of authenticity. These can be copied, same with the leather, and the hardware. Super fakes are known to cannibalise authentic parts! It’s crazy but many people cling to having one or two features that seem authentic whilst ignoring all others. Checking authenticity is a process, whereby you need to examine all of the features. So say your bag’s leather looks and feels authentic, but you notice inconsistencies with the CC lock shape and finishing there’s a chance you could be looking at a fake bag. But don’t worry we’ll get to all these issues in the guide below.


Below we have photographs of two 2.55 classic flap bags. Both are sold as 10 inch lambskin 2.55s. One is authentic, one a replica. Are you confident just by looking which bag is genuine and which is fake?

Ok drama over, the bag on the left is authentic, the bag on the right is the replica. The authentic bag is in fact a vintage Chanel 2.55 made between 1989-1991. The replica was sold as as new but as you will see later it is already showing signs of wear due to its use of cheap components. Judging authenticity with a quick glance isn’t the smartest strategy, so let’s dive into the detail. Please work your way through each area below, enjoy.



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Chanel lambskin leather - authentication guide
1. Leather
Chanel quilting - authentication guide
2. Quilting
Chanel stitch count - authentication guide
3. Stitch count & lining
Chanel cc lock - authentication guide
4. CC lock
Chanel hardware stamping - authentication guide
5. Stamping marks
Chanel logo stamping - authentication guide
6. Brand stamping & embossing
Chanel serial stickers, authenticity cards
7. Serial stickers & authenticity cards
Authenticating Chanel chain straps
8. Chain straps
Chanel authentication shape guide
9. The shape
Zips - guide to authenticating Chanel bags
10. Zippers